Modular Car Park Shade
                          For Apartments
       And Office Buildings

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Modular Arch Designs are ideal where minimum visual and structural intrusion is sought. The low profile steel arch minimises the height of the structure, maintaining visibility for a building facade or signage.

The design is most cost-effective when spanning multiples of three bays, and perimeter columns rather than central columns can be specified for further cost saving. These structures are available with in a waterproof tensile membrane or architectural mesh fabric.

Pitch roof and rafter structures provide effective, inexpensive shade for car bays. This design requires only four corner columns for shading up to 6 cars, and with intermediate columns, can be extended to cover any number of bays. Standard sizes are also available with architectural grade waterproof covers.

Boulevard side-support conical structures provide 100% waterproof, column free cover. They are ideal for compact parking spaces where vehicle access and movement is restricted. The tensile membrane is fabricated from UV-stabilised, architectural grade PVDF fabric with an expected life of up to fifteen years.

Boulevard structures are linkable to provide extended cover with a minimum of posts, such that 1-4 full size car bays can be shaded utilising just one post.

Manta [Hypar] sail designs are available as continuous spans, or individual sails connected at alternate high and low points to maximise the twisted wing sail effect. Using "commercial grade" shade mesh, sails generally provide the cheapest shade option, but can lose a lot of shade area due to scalloping and requires careful design to avoid large shade gaps between the sails.

Manta structures can also be designed using waterproof tensile membranes or architectural grade structural mesh.

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