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MakMax umbrellas offer unsurpassed quality and durability in ready to install collapsible umbrella structures. Various light fittings and heating options are available, and screenprinting can be incorporated for promotional purposes.

The waterproof tensile membrane covers are available in a range of colours. They are low maintenance, pollution and mildew resistant, and rot free. The Leva is a permanent side post structure, utilised wherever column free space and a high wind rating is desired. Two or more Leva structures can be linked utilizing just one post.

Centra umbrellas are the most popular structures. Twelve centre post models are available offering square, rectangular, octagonal, and hexagonal shape canopies in different sizes, all providing excellent coverage and high wind ratings in a clean simple form.

Porta umbrellas are economical, lightweight, portable structures for applications where appearance and quality are very important but a high wind rating is not critical.

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